1leftarrowVoce principale: Fred.

Elenco episodi Modifica

Caricati su JKL Productions (2006-2008) Modifica

  • Fred on Halloween (2006)
  • Fred on Saint Patrick's Day (2007)
  • Fred Goes to the Park (2007)
  • Fred on the 4th (2007)
  • Fred Gets Babysat (2007)
  • Fred on Halloween 2 (2007)
  • Fred on Christmas (2007)
  • Fred on Valentine's Day (2008)

Caricati su FRED (2008-) Modifica

Prima stagione (2008) Modifica

  • Fred on May Day
  • Fred Loses His Meds
  • Fred Gets Bullied
  • Fred Gets Detention
  • Fred Goes to the Dentist
  • Fred Stalks Judy
  • Fred on Father's Day
  • Fred Goes Swimming
  • Fred Meets Bertha
  • Fred's Mom is Missing

Seconda stagione (2008) Modifica

  • Fred's Grandma Has a Secret
  • Fred Goes Camping
  • Fred Auditions For a Play
  • Fred's Mom Returns
  • Fred: A Star in His Own Mind
  • Fred Sneaks into Judy's Party
  • Fred Tries to Ride a Bike
  • Fred Runs for President!
  • Fred Faces a Dirty Campaign
  • Fred on Election Day
  • Fred on Thanksgiving

Terza stagione (2009-2010) Modifica

  • Fred Rescues the Neighborhood Squirrels
  • Fred Cooks for Judy
  • Fred on April Fool's Day
  • Fred Goes to the Doctor
  • Fred Throws a Party
  • Fred Gets Dissed at Bible School
  • Fred Works Out
  • Fred Tries Dancing
  • Fred Sees a Therapist
  • Fred Goes on a Date With Judy
  • Fred Has a Vocal Lesson
  • Fred Goes Fundraising
  • Fred Gives Advice
  • Fred Finds a Creepy Doll
  • Fred Has a Snow Day
  • Fred Goes to a School Dance
  • Fred Gets a Letter From His Dad

Quarta stagione (2010) Modifica

  • Fred Stays in a Fancy Hotel Room
  • Fred Gets a Haircut
  • Fred Goes Reporting
  • Fred Goes Grocery Shopping feat. Annoying Orange
  • Fred Works at a Tattoo Shop!
  • Fred's Summer Halloween!
  • Fred Goes to the Movies!
  • Nobody Believes Fred
  • Ted Tigglecorn Interviews Fred Figglehorn
  • Fred and Weezer Go to the Moon

Quinta stagione non ufficiale (2010-2011) Modifica

  • Fred Babysits a Psycho
  • Fred Gets Kidnapped by Claudio
  • Fred is Left Alone With Claudio
  • Fred Investigates Rumors at School

Episodi speciali Modifica

Esistono alcuni episodi speciali non facenti però parte della serie:

  • City of Ember parody - "City of Fred" (2008)
  • One Million Subscribers (2009)
  • Fred Talks About Teen Choice Awards (2009)
  • Fred Talks About His Christmas Music (2009)

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